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When you introduce IoT monitoring into academic spaces it can bring a new level of safety and convenience to the classroom. With the ability to track and monitor everything from classroom attendance to indoor air quality, IoT technology provides a wealth of benefits to both educators and students by implementing smart sensors and other IoT devices, educators can optimize classroom settings for optimal learning environments.

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The Class Sense IoT Kit to Monitor & Improve Indoor Classroom Environments

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Environmental Education

Our smart sensors and analytics help teachers create engaging lessons and improve student outcomes with IoT-enabled outdoor learning environments, students can experience hands-on, interactive lessons that promote creativity and critical thinking. This not only enhances academic performance, but also promotes better physical and mental health for students and teachers alike.

For example you could make use of this 8-in-1 Weather Sensor to introduce students to the impact and benefits of collecting local weather information such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, rainfall, light
intensity, UV index, and barometric pressure data
, the effects this may have on just the playground itself - and it's live!

Upgrade your academic spaces with our IoT monitoring solutions and take learning to the next level today!

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