8-in-1 Weather Sensor

8-in-1 Weather Sensor

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The 8-in-1 Weather Sensor provides you with hyperlocal weather at your fingertips. It supports multi-scenario applications like backyard, garden, agriculture, meteorology, urban environmental monitoring, and so on. It enables low maintenance costs due to its ultra-low power consumption, reliable performance, built-in Bluetooth for OTA (Over the air) configuration, and remote device management. 

This Weather Station collects and uploads air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, rainfall, light intensity, UV index and barometric pressure data supported by worldwide LoRaWAN networks. Suitable for applications in schools, gardens, agriculture, meteorology, urban environmental monitoring and other scenarios. It also enables low maintenance cost of its ultra-low power consumption, reliable performance, and built-in Bluetooth for OTA configuration and remote device management.

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth Configuration in 1 min & Remote Management:
    Finish the configuration work in just a few clicks, enable remote monitoring and manage real-time and historical data via an Android/iOS App or Desktop Platform

  • Ultra-low Power Consumption, Easily Replaceable Battery & Expandable Capacity: 
    Powered by 0.5W solar panel and 3*standard 1.5V AA size dry batteries with up to 2 years service life (support external battery compartment with capacity for six batteries to double the service life)

  • Reliable Performance:
    Suitable for outdoor harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc

  • One-stop Deployment & Flexible Layout:
    Accessories include poles, mounting stand, etc. for quick installation and can be set up at almost any location

Application Areas

  • Backyard and Garden: Measure air temperature and humidity, rainfall, UV index, etc. in the backyard and garden to protect your family.
  • Smart Agriculture: Enable farmers to obtain climate data and information in time, take scientific management measures into production and improve agricultural production capacity and level.

  • Meteorology: Support applications in the professional meteorological field, for example, timely reflect the changes of various abnormal meteorological conditions in traffic and transportation to provide real-time scientific basis data for traffic management departments.
  • Urban Weather: Provide real-time data for urban squares, parks, scenic spots, golf courses and other urban areas.


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