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The LTA Network believes that IoT is all about making life easier and more connected.

It's not only about cutting-edge devices and technology, but also about how we can use IoT to improve our daily lives.

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Empower your educators and students with real-time data insights

Enhance Learning & Safety with IoT Classroom Monitoring

The IoT classroom monitoring kit has revolutionized the way we understand classroom environments. With real-time data insights, educators can proactively create a healthier and more productive learning space, enhancing student performance and well-being.


Credit Card-sized Tracker

Designed for asset and personal tracking this small GPS locator can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. By utilizing GNSS/Wi- Fi/BLE, as well as having a high positioning accuracy.

Thanks to its LoRaWAN connectivity, the battery lasts up to 2 years.


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